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Wavy Tactile Path

A set of 8 balance wavy tactile paths to create either straight or winding circuits. The wavy slopes have tactile textures to stimulate children’s feet. Made from sturdy plastic with ant-slip base. The pathways are stackable and supplied in a handy storage bag. Helps children develop coordination and physical development. Ideal for use with Rainbow River Stones (shown below).


Wavy Tactile Path (Set of 8)

Dimensions L53 x W17.3 x H11cm

Age 1 year+


Available in 2 colours:


C8440 Wavy Tactile Path Green

Price: £132.50 (Set of 8)


C8439 Wavy Tactile Path Blue

Price: £132.50 (Set of 8)


Rainbow River Stones (Set of 6)

Size largest stone L40.1 x W39 x H13cm. .

Set of 6 with storage bag

Age 2+ years


Product Code: C8442


Price: £99.00 per set


Set of 6 colourful stepping stones offers various free-style routes. Each stepping stone has either dots, lines or concentric circles on the top to provide children with sensory touch. Anti-slip surface and bases offer greater stability. Three different sizes of stones each with different slopes, allow stones to be stacked to offer greater challenges for children.