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Soft Seating

A premium range of brightly coloured early years soft and modular seating with highly detailed designs. With stain resistant vinyl which is both durable and hardwearing in a demanding nursery or school environment. Conforms to all relevant European and UK safety standards.

Classic Modular Seating

Classic Modular 

from £36.50

Rainbow Modular Seating

Rainbow Modular 

from £36.50

Back to Nature Soft Seating..

Back to Nature

from £61.50

Link Kids Modular Seating

Link Modular

from £87.00

Ergo Vari Seat Single Chair Blue Yellow

Ergo Vari

from £66.00

Kiddie Tubbies.,

Kiddie Tubbies

from £82.00

Zig Zag Seating

Zig Zag

from £81.00

Block Colour Sofas

Block Coloured Sofas

from £140.00

caterpillar Sofa Set

Caterpillar Sofa Set

from £384.00

Jigsaw Modular Seating

Magic Puzzle Seating

from £388.50

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, Professions Stacker..

Professions Stacker

from £121.50 per set

Safe Space Toddler Seating