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SeaWeenies Sand & Water Play

The Early Years SeaWeenies Sand and Water Collection "Brings the Sea into the classroom" with a uniquely designed tray and a variety of educational toys designed to teach children in a fun and inspirational way. Having achieved a Bronze practical school award for design SeaWeenies helps teachers to blend "hands on" interaction with learning whilst having fun at the same time. The cleverly designed tray, available in clear blue or ABS plastic is shaped to enable two tables to sit side by side to make one large unit to allow more children to get involved.  The inset lid converts the unit into a table for use in and around the classroom and has a steel height adjustable frame with castors and an easy to empty plug located on the bottom of the tray. Each interactive and educational toy has been designed to help children with their fine motor skills, balance, counting and subtraction, weight and hand-eye co-ordination. The toys are large enough to allow the teacher to demonstrate and incorporate the toys into their lesson.

SeaWeenies Sand and Water Play Table

Play table in blue ABS plastic or Clear Tray complete with inset lid, adjustable yellow frame and palm tree toy.


Tray: L980 x W756 x D177 - usable depth: 167mm. Lid: L880 x W650 x D30mm.

Height adjustable from 440 - 650mm.


SW Tray Blue £152.50 each

SW Tray Clear £152.50 each  

Additional Pack of any 4 Toys - £42.50  (1 x Ollie Octopus, 2 xToby Turtle and 1 x Finn Fishing Family

Individual Toys as shown £19.00 each


SeaWeenies  shown with Table Inset Lid

Lid: L880 x W650 x D30mm

SeaWeenies Sand and Water Play Table SeaWeenies shown with Table Inset Lid SeaWeenies Bronze Award SeaWeenies Sand and Water Play Table