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School Dining Room

Multipurpose furniture in a selection of styles and bright vibrant finishes to complement early years educational dining areas. School dining room furniture is tested to recognised FIRA standards ensuring that the products we offer are suitable for educational dining facilities.

School Dining Room Furniture

Folding Dining Furniture 

from £61.00

Enviro Dining Benches Enviro Tables

Enviro Dining Tables

from £94.50

Enviro Dining Benches

from £69.50

Tilt Top Dining Tables

Tilt Top Dining Tables 

from £156.00

Gala Dining Furniture Fruit Storage Trolley

Medium Fruit Trolley

from £227.50

Gala Dining Range

from £404.50 per set

Lunch Box Storage Trolley

Basket Lunchbox Trolleys

from £52.50 each

Small Lunchbox Trolley

Small Lunchbox Trolley

from £171.00 each

Lunch Box Storage

Large Lunchbox Trolley

from £214.50 each

Tuf2 Single Lunchbox Trolley - FN0603

Tuf2 Single Lunchbox Trolley

from £248.50 each

Tuf Double Lunchbox Trolley

Tuf Double Lunchbox Trolley

from £255.50 each

Tuf2 Double Lunchbox Trolley

Tuf2 Double Lunchbox Trolley

from £284.00 each