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Motor Skills

A selection of products to encourage children to develop gross motor skills and confidence building through movement exercises and group play. Designed to aid  physical development in toddlers and young children and also improve physical fitness, problem solving and decision making skills, balance and coordination, manipulation and movement.

Balance and Balance Course

Build and Balance Course 

from £174.50

River Balancing Landscape River Stepping Stones

River Stepping Stones 

from £37.50

Follow The Route Team Walkers

Team Walkers

from £57.50

Follow The Route

from £54.00

Floor Surfer

Floor Surfer 

from £66.50

Mini Stilts Pedal Walkers

Pedal Walkers

from £74.00

Mini Stilts

from £70.00

Hill Tops

Hill Tops 

from £80.00

Tactile Path Rainbow River Stones

Rainbow River Stones

from £89.50

Tactile Path

from £77.50

Balance Stepping Clouds

Balance Stepping Clouds 

from £106.00

Wavy Tactile Path Sensory Rung Way

Sensory Rung Way

from £134.50

Wavy Tactile Path

from £132.50

School Set 25 Play Balls

School Set (25 Play Balls) 

from £142.00

Trampolines Twin Walkers

Twin Walkers

from £181.50


from £161.50

Motor Skills Universal Set Balance Arches

Balance Arches

from £194.00

Water Lily Set

Water Lily Set

from £308.50

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, Forest Tunnel

Forest Tunnel

from £188.00