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Motor Skills Universal Set

A versatile set of motor skills universal equipment for children to build balance boards, obstacles, and crawl through hoops. Set includes bricks, poles, hoops, bean bags, balance beams, handprints and footprints. Ideal for a variety of age groups and meets the demand for theme based exercise. Each set is supplied with a sturdy storage bag and activity guide. Age 3+ years.

Motor Skills Universal Set

Storage Bag Dimensions: 71 x 81.5 x 13cm


Code: C8404


Price: £321.50


(Set includes: Half Brick x 12, Hoop 35cm x 4, Pole 35cm x 16, Clip A x 12, Bean Bag x 10, Handprint x 6 pairs, Footprint x 6 pairs, Brick x 8, Hoop 60cm x 4, Pole 70cm x 8, Clip B x 12, Balance Beam x 4, Guide Book x 1)

Square Square Square Square

Motor Skills Basic Set

Storage Bag Dimensions: 60 x 81.5 x 13cm


Code: C8405


Price: £194.50


(Set includes: Half Brick x 8, Pole 35cm x 2, Pole 70cm x 2, Brick x 8, Balance Beam x 4, Hoop 60cm x 2, Clip A x 4, Clip B x 4, Guide Book x 1)



We Play Motor Skills Universal Set,