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Blocks & Construction

Designed to nurture the ability of imagination and creativity and Improve the hand-eye coordination and movement development. Providing visual and spatial concept experience and helping children to work, interact and develop social skills.


Junior Engineer Magic Gears 

from £51.00 per set


Junior Engineer Construction

from £58.50 per set

We Play Construction Tower. Bamboo Building Blocks

Bamboo Building Blocks

from £92.50 per set

We Play Construction

from £82.50 per set

We Play Brick Me...

Brick Me Building Blocks

from £107.50 per set

Mobilo Construction Set

Mobilo Construction Set

from £138.50 per set

Big Soft Wood Blocks Set of 56

Big Soft Wood Blocks

from £204.00 per set

Hollow Blocks

Hollow Block Sets

from £217.50 per set

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from £71.00 per set

Icey Ice Building Set.,.

Icey Ice Building Set

from £90.50 per set

Magnetic Wood Block Set

Magnetic Wood Block Set

from £48.50 per set

Happy Architect Town Set

Happy Architect Sets

from £22.00